“CHERI BENYEN’M” the shower every man should get by their woman

Have you ever having sex where the woman said she’s about to pee on herself?

The biggest mistake you both can make is stopping, and you as a man you just failed to please your woman in the most magical way. You’ve just spoiled the moment to make her reach the sky.

« CHERI BENYEN’M » La douche que chaque homme devrait obtenir de leur femme

This is where your biology teacher failed you, in the sex education session. All I remember my teacher told me about that was, women can pee while having sex but men can’t, and that was it. From my experience, I’ve heard this many time “ Stop, stop, I have to go pee” acting like I did not hear, continue with my stroking, here she said “if you don’t stop, I will pee on myself” she pushed me and hastened to the bathroom. I was very inexperienced, and this happened to many if not all young man, and some even in their so call mature sexual ages, they are still making this mistake.

While every adult knows how a man ejaculates but not too many know about a woman ejaculation. Having a woman leg shaking, a woman can’t stand after sex, can almost an everyday thing, but it is not an easy task to make a woman pee on herself while having sex.

A woman ejaculates by peeing during sex. When she says “stop, stop, I have to go pee or I’m about to pee” this is another way to tell you she about to have an orgasm. You as man must know you can’t stop, you have to continue stroking her. While the emission of the fluid during sexual stimulation contains pee it also has prostatic secretions. In another word the woman squirts. She is also can squirt by masturbation. And also if a man has the talent, he can have a woman squirts by his fingers magic touch.

Now the Harmonik’s song “Cheri benyen’m” they are talking about woman orgasm. Telling the woman to freely ejaculates, shower him with it, no needs to get up. It is not about a man ejaculating on a woman like some man already speculating.

For now on, gentlemen do not let your women go to pee during sexual intercourse. Let them shower you with it. The bed sheet can be changed, I don’t know about the mattress, just make sure you’re well prepared for it, if not oh well, you’ll deal with it after the fact, do not spoil the moment, I mean DO NOT SPOIL THE MOMENT.


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