Dano the keyboard player of Disip resigned, and Gazzman new plan to save his musical career

From a post on Facebook, Dano who played keyboard for Disip, confirm the rumor that has been circulating for weeks that him and Disip are no longer a team. After the Haiti summer tour, many members in Disip had been complaining for not getting paid.

On Sunday September 6, Disip had a gig to perform at 1st Klass Cafe in Miami, Dano had sent a text to Disip management to inform them if he wasn’t compensated fully for the Haiti tour he wouldn’t show up to play the gig. Now with that, they quickly resolved the issue with him.

After that event, rumors started circulating that Disip was looking for another keyboardist to replaced Dano. Our sources had informed us that, during that same Sunday’s event, Gazzman was asking Dobodo, who had left the band for not getting paid to come back.

Dano who knew that they were looking for a replacement for him he decided to resign, before he got fired.

Here is the post Dano published on his Facebook.

“ I would like to take the time to inform you that I’m no longer in Disip. I plan to continue producing great musics for you all to enjoy. At this time I wish not to discuss the reason why my employment at Disip has come to an end. Please don’t take it as an insult, but try to respect my wishes. Know that I appreciate all your love and support. I promise that I will keep you all updated on what my next move is. Remember, music is love and love is life. Therefore, music is LIFE. Stay tuned for my next journey in Music. I love you all!”

Jimmy Danger who was the conga player the band quitted for not getting paid for the 2015 summer Haiti tour. One musician who want to stay unanimous, played a gig for Disip for $150 a couple of months ago, still not get paid, But one thing is Disip will not play for anyone if the management doesn’t have their money in hand. So why so many musicians leaving the band for not getting pay?

Now with Dano resign there’s new rumors circulating on the faith of Disip. Here’s what coming out. There’s a good chance for Disip name to change. Gazzman is trying to recruit two big heavyweight in the HMI to come team up with him. If he succeed, he will have Dener Ceide and Nickenson Prud’Homme with him. But none of those parties confirm anything yet.

If Nickenson team up with Gazzman, what’s next for Harmonik? This question not yet has an answer. Stay tune.


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