GAZZMAN COULEUR: If I was still in Nu-Look it would be more popular than Klass [AUDIO]

On January 7th, on the 6th anniversary of Gazzman’s resignation from Nu Look, Patrick from Kompamagazine.com interviewed one and the only Couleur we have in the HMI.

From what Pat said, he had received a call from Gazman on the night of January 6, 2010, where Gazzman had told him that he was no longer a member in Nu-Look, and on January 7th the Kompa world was shaking. Nu Look fans were divided in two, Arly’s fans and Gazzman’s fans, and some fans didn’t even know which side to take. Many fans were heartbroken, angry and in disbelief. At the time, Nu Look had recently released the album titled “Abò”.

Gazzman did not remember that today make it six years since he left Nu Look, Pat had to remind him. From what he said, he still doesn’t have any regret that he left the band, he said once you are an adult and you make a decision you have to stay behind it. He even goes as far as saying if he was in Nu Look and the situation that he was in, had presented today he would do it again.

One thing that Gazzman did not wish to go back to was, whether he took the decision to leave Nu Look, before or after December 2009 Haiti tour. He made it clear this was the past there wasn’t any reason to go back to it.

Then Pat asks him, “many people think that if you were still in Nu Look with Arly, the band would have been more popular, than Klass, and what did he think of that?” And his answer was yes, he thinks that Nu Look would have been more popular, than Klass. He thinks that, what the people are thinking, is exactly right, and he even agrees that, Nu Look would have been the number one band in the Haitian Music Industry (HMI). Listen to the interview.

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